New for 2014

New for 2014

february 2014 078

My seed catalogues are stacking up on my desk, time to decide on this year’s must have plants – no pressure there then Sal.

february 2014 077

Plant propagation whether by seed,stem,root or leaf is always a bit of a personal firm favorite. I’m also quite happy to save a bit of time. I found this in my garden – I just love the way that it all happened within its own seed capsule – how clever.

Wild carrot was one of my star plants in 2013, and will definitely be on the list for propagating. I sowed a wild flower meadow for a friend, so again I can take no credit, as it just sort of germinated and flowered without any human intervention. If only all seeds were so generous in their ease of germination …

september 2013 004

With Valentines day only shortly in the distance I thought I would share with you all…

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