The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 7

The Dolls’ Dressmaker, Part 7

The East Room

“I’m often so pressed for time! I had a doll married, last week, and was obliged to work all night.” …

“Are you always as busy as you are now?”

“Busier. I’m slack just now. I finished a large mourning order the day before yesterday. Doll I work for, lost a canary-bird.” The person of the house gave another little laugh, and then nodded her head several times, as who should moralize, “Oh this world, this world!” (Our Mutual Friend, by Charles Dickens, Book II, chapter 1)

Since I was making a wardrobe for five dolls (part of this project), I of course needed to make five coats. I made a couple of winter coats (one of which I included in the last post for this project), a jacket, a couple of dressier coats, and a bathrobe for good measure.

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