wear: Taylor Swift’s Style

wear: Taylor Swift’s Style

thought i might suggest...

wear Taylor Swift's  Fashion I have never met anyone who hasn’t looked back at an old photograph of themselves and cringed a little bit about past fashion choices. I’m sure the same goes for country pop superstar Taylor Swift. Remember the days when she had ringlets and was often seen wearing vintage florals that aged her and prom dresses that made her look too young? Well, those days are clearly gone. Swift has embraced an more age appropriate look, where she decides to go casual in high waisted shorts and a cardigan to preppy with bright red oxfords and a button up shirt. She is also upping the ante with her red carpet fashion with slinky sequined gowns and short hemmed dresses, proving that you can be sexy without letting it all hang out. I am enjoying watching Swift’s transformation into her mid 20s. I have definitely taken some notes from her, being a…

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