Ina & Joseph’s Candy Colored Wedding by Bryan Venancio

Ina & Joseph’s Candy Colored Wedding by Bryan Venancio

Cherryblossoms and Faeriewings

Joseph + Ina Wedding_Bryan Venancio 53

It’s so easy for me to fall in love with a colorful wedding. The vibrant colors radiate a happy glow and a fun-filled ambiance that I just cannot ignore. Such is the wedding of Joseph and Ina. The first time their photographer Bryan Venancio posted a sneak peek photo on his Facebook page, I knew immediately that I had to share with you this wedding. So I waited. And I tell you, my waiting paid off. Because as soon as I saw the rest and Bryan has given me the thumbs up to share these wonderful set of candy-colored-filled photos, I just cannot contain my happy heart to give you, my dear cherries, the bits by bits of this oh-so-yummy wedding.

I love how the beautiful bride Ina had candy-pink drizzles on her wedding gown skirt, and of course, I truly adore how colorfully-charming was the rest of her bridesmaids. ♥

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