Coffee: Sipping the Day Away

Coffee: Sipping the Day Away

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You know coffee?  No, I don’t mean the brew.  I mean the experience.

Let me start over.

You know going for coffee?  Too many chairs around a too-small table, wobbling under the weight of too many saucers.  With friends and stories and laughter, slowly stirring and sipping the day away.  Coffee is not just a morning pick-me-up, or a safe first date suggestion.  Coffee is… well it’s that time of day between the beach and dinner.  That’s not to say you can’t have coffee AT the beach or WITH your dinner, but coffee is where you GO between those places to bond with your friends.  Or to bond with the barista. Or to make new friends.  Or just to sit and watch the waves.

With coffee being such a big deal, you should probably know the proper way to order your coffee on Samos.  Allow me to provide you…

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