My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

My Top 10 Baby Items (3-6 months)

Kearney Keepings

As a follow-up from my previous post My Top 10 Favorite Baby Items (0-3 months), I also want to share my favorites from 3-6 months with Coyer.

*Side Note* It seriously took me almost 3 weeks to put this together!  5 free minutes here, another 3 minutes there, etc., etc., and finally my masterpiece is complete!  Ha.  I use the term “masterpiece” loosely. 

In no particular order, here they are:

1.  Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes


This is by far Coyer’s favorite toy!  The music, the flashing lights, the bright colors, this toy has it all!  He also loves to use the face/antennae of the handle as a teether.  Whenever Coyer is upset and I can’t hold him, I just turn on the music and hand it over… usually that will buy me at least 5 minutes to finish whatever I need to before I pick him up again.

2.  Saline Nose Drops/Spray


So, if you read my blog regularly, you…

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