Walking The Aisles

Walking The Aisles


Growing old together takes sacrifice.

It takes patience.

It takes doing things that your wife asks…..even though you know you have no business doing them.

And here’s how I came to that conclusion…..

We made our weekly trip to the grocery store today.

The last day of the month and “the WalMart” are not a good combination but when you gotta go….you gotta go.

Anyway, as I follow my wife and stepdaughter up and down each aisle at a painstaking snails pace,

(Not because it was busy, but because they are both ingredient checkers and for whatever reason my wife ( who blogs as foreverpaused) decided that the grocery cart had to be loaded Rain Man style, which means she’s down with OCD…yeah you know me!)

We notice an extremely old man bending over to look at something on a shelf.

He randomly asks my stepdaughter,

“Are there table…

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