Month: May 2014

Simply Elegant skirts Follow us page :

Simply Elegant skirts  Follow us page :

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Winter polish with a twist for Summer !

Winter polish with a twist for Summer !


I started with a base coat of Essie 766 Glamour Purse. Great formula. Single thick coat. Grey-cappuccino color. Screams winter !



Taking a nail art brush for feathering, dip in L’oreal Color Riche 110 Crazy For Chic. I love these formulas and bottles! It’s a red toned fuchsia. Swipe across all nails Except Ring finger.


Also, used white polish as a color.


Using Milani 531 Gold, dab on eAch nail for a bit of a sparkly touch.


Clean excessive polish and done 😊



Super fun and easy ! A good way to use odd or unwanted colors

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Raw BBQ Spiced Pizza

Raw BBQ Spiced Pizza

Raw Mountain Kitchen


As I sit here and write, the wind nearly freezing my face (it’s okay I have a blanket!), the lyrics of various classics repeat in harmony with the clicking of my keyboard and I realize, it’s almost June. Time, where did you go and why must you run away from me at top road-runner speed? Luckily I caught up today in time to enjoy this delight of a pizza.


I’m not ready for June in the same way that I’m not ready to be 23. It’s okay, reminding myself I still have 4 months to go, 130-days to reach my never-ending list of wonderful goals. Sometimes there are so many things I simultaneously want to do in the same moment, so easily distracted, but rarely taken off course. Every day becomes an opportunity to divide sense from nonsense. Good thing I have homemade BBQ sauce and a major appetite to provide…

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Roasted Chicken for a Cloudy Day

Roasted Chicken for a Cloudy Day

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My mom made a roasted chicken for dinner tonight, which is my favorite thing she prepares. (Bad joke: why did I cross the road? To get to the other side to eat some of my mom’s succulent chicken!) Somehow, my mom manages to keep the chicken moist and juicy every time. Her trick is to add some chicken broth on top of the chicken and also in the cooking container (which is a cake pan). The cavity of the chicken is overflowing with onions and rosemary. The onions caramelize in the oven, giving the onions a soft and mild sweet taste. She also cooks little potatoes and carrots with the chicken (on the sides of the cake pan). I am so excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow!



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Hassan Mazeh 2014 Spring Collection

Hassan Mazeh 2014 Spring Collection

The FashionBrides

hassab nazeh 2014 wedding gowns (103)

Hassan Mazeh so-called “Prince of Madness” for his creative dresses sold out in KSA and USA, launched his own label “Hassan Mazeh couture” .  Born in Beirut and raised in Kuwait, Hassan studied interior design at BUC in Lebanon. At a very young age his entrepreneurial spirit led him to leave to Saudi Arabia where he opened many fashion stores by importing luxurious collections from the most famous and innovative designers around the world, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamato, Moshino, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Gian Franco Ferre and many others.

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