Raw BBQ Spiced Pizza

Raw BBQ Spiced Pizza

Raw Mountain Kitchen


As I sit here and write, the wind nearly freezing my face (it’s okay I have a blanket!), the lyrics of various classics repeat in harmony with the clicking of my keyboard and I realize, it’s almost June. Time, where did you go and why must you run away from me at top road-runner speed? Luckily I caught up today in time to enjoy this delight of a pizza.


I’m not ready for June in the same way that I’m not ready to be 23. It’s okay, reminding myself I still have 4 months to go, 130-days to reach my never-ending list of wonderful goals. Sometimes there are so many things I simultaneously want to do in the same moment, so easily distracted, but rarely taken off course. Every day becomes an opportunity to divide sense from nonsense. Good thing I have homemade BBQ sauce and a major appetite to provide…

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