Hassan Mazeh 2014 Spring Collection

Hassan Mazeh 2014 Spring Collection

The FashionBrides

hassab nazeh 2014 wedding gowns (103)

Hassan Mazeh so-called “Prince of Madness” for his creative dresses sold out in KSA and USA, launched his own label “Hassan Mazeh couture” .  Born in Beirut and raised in Kuwait, Hassan studied interior design at BUC in Lebanon. At a very young age his entrepreneurial spirit led him to leave to Saudi Arabia where he opened many fashion stores by importing luxurious collections from the most famous and innovative designers around the world, such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamato, Moshino, Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Gian Franco Ferre and many others.

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Farage Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

Farage Spring 2014 Bridal Collection

The FashionBrides

01_FARAGE_Paradise-Garden-collection (26)

Farage can provide you with the dress you’ve been dreaming . They make impossible happen right away, for miracles you have to wait for a couple of days… Their dresses will make you feel like you really are in the center of the universe during that special day which is your wedding. Dresses like you have never seen before. They make the fairytale come to life. Feminity, self confidence, refinement, elegance, class and timelessness.

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Marylise 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

Marylise 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

The FashionBrides

Marylise_2014 (48)

The Marylise collection of wedding dresses and bridal gowns features a winning balance of simplicity, femininity and refinement. A unique mix comprised of technical components and production methods is ascertained for each piece. This process implements the latest CAD technology and results in the first so-called zero collection.

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Tomy Mariage 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

Tomy Mariage 2014 Spring Bridal Collection

The FashionBrides

tomy mariage (22)

Tomy Mariage wedding dresses and accessories are worn by countless brides, each walking down the aisle feeling singularly beautiful and confident to marry as all eyes descend upon her. What they have in common is that for their bridal fashion, each wants something “different” and find it in a Tomy Mariage dress.

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How I’ve ruined every wedding I’ve been to since 2004……..

How I’ve ruined every wedding I’ve been to since 2004……..

The Mum Network

I would like to apologise to every single bride whose wedding I have attended since 2004.

Apparently I have committed a mortal sin and shown no respect for wedding etiquette at any wedding I’ve ever attended.

I have posted photos of every wedding I’ve been to straight to Facebook.

Whilst attending my cousins wedding yesterday I happily snapped away and published each pic I took straight to Instagram & Facebook. Naturally I ensured that bride, bridesmaids and guests were shown at their very best but apparently it’s still a big NO.

As everyone left the church turning on their mobile phones on the way out, I heard GASPS from my sister and cousin “You can’t do that! Delete Immediately”

I was shocked, stunned and slightly embarrassed by my lack of knowledge about this new social media etiquette (am I alone here?). The rule is that you’re not allowed to post…

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Go West

Go West

Jillaroo Jess

I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. I have been given an opportunity to work in the mines in Western Australia – 6000km (or 3700miles) from home!

In such a resource rich country, mining is one of our biggest industries, and definitely pays the most! I plan to be driving trucks very soon.

I am currently in the Pilbara. A desert filled with red rocks and spinifex grass. There are very few trees here, but I think that the contrast between the desert colours is beautiful. This is the closest I have lived to the beach before, and once you get out onto the islands the water is crystal clear and the marine life is amazing. Once when I was snorkelling on one of the islands here, I came across a long pole or stick in the sand. I hovered over it, baffled, as there…

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Wedding Website Design

Wedding Website Design

Sanjana Mathur

Client: Wedding website design

Graphic Design, General Design Input

Completed in 4 weeks

Wed Me Good is a wedding website which provides a curated experience into all things Big Fat Indian Wedding. From real life weddings to an online directory of amazing pre-approved vendors, WedMeGood is a one stop destination for anyone with impending nuptials. {website is currently in beta test version. Visit}



{Proposed Web Page}


{vendor icons : photographer, invitation, florist, bakery, make up, venues, jewellery, bridal wear, groom wear}

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Urban Session: “Trash the Dress”

Urban Session: “Trash the Dress”

«Rock the Frock»

Il était une fois le mariage urbain…

« Trash the dress » est aussi connu sous les noms de « fearless bridal » (« la noce intrépide ») ou « rock the frock » (mot-à-mot, « fais bouger les fringues », dans le sens de « mets de l'ambiance avec tes fringues »). Shooting extrême du photographe Canadien, Jeff Cooke. « Trash the dress » est aussi connu sous les noms de « fearless bridal » (« la noce intrépide ») ou « rock the frock » (« fais bouger les fringues » ou « mets de l’ambiance avec tes fringues »). Sur cette photo: un shooting extrême du photographe Canadien Jeff Cooke (DR).

“Trash the Dress” (Bousiller la robe) est un concept américain qui consiste à recycler sa robe de mariée en immortalisant l’instant précieux du mariage avec une photographie originale. Une oeuvre d’art singulière et décalée pour les jeunes mariés qui veulent garder un héritage visuel et laisser une trace… spéciale.

Selon The New York Times, le photographe John Michael Cooper, spécialisé dans la photographie de mariage traditionnelle, est à l’origine du projet  «trash the dress» depuis 2001. La “lassitude” qu’il éprouvait à faire…

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